Who We Are:

Founded in 2007, Texas Heritage & Independence Celebration Association, Inc., (THICA), is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Texas, from the Natives who first settled here to the numerous flags that have flown over this great state. THICA endeavors to retell these stories and honor the memory of those who came before us, shaping the Texas we enjoy today.


Mission Statement:

The mission of Texas Heritage & Independence Celebration Association, Inc., (THICA), is to educate and celebrate Texas culture and to encourage participation by promoting the history of our state through symposiums and community events that recreate this area’s rich and colorful history.

Board Members:

Leticia Gonzalez


Director of Operations

Anabeth Molina-Cordova


Ruben Cordova

Director of Living History

Elizandro Muñoz

Director of Education

Texas Heritage Independence Celebration Association

Fred Garza

Wayne Powell

Jack Ayoub

Frank Gonzales

Veronica Rodriguez

Jon Caldwell

Jose Jaramillo

Joe Ramos

Celeste Sanchez

Carol Cortinas

Diana Bates

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